Does this sound like you? You have anxious thoughts that keep running through your head, and you're always thinking about the worse case scenario. Those worries stop you from taking action, cloud your judgement and keep you distracted from being present in your family, personally and professionally. You're stressed or doubt yourself, so you keep putting off what you NEED to do or WANT to be able to do easily.
Are You Ready To...
Are You Ready to Get Off the
Join this group where I work with you PERSONALLY to help you break free from obstacles, worry, doubt and anxiety and live a high-performing life!
Every day, I work with business and sales professionals, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and athletes... 
People who SHOULD have rock star status, but something is holding them back.
Should YOU be a rockstar in your life or profession, but something is HOLDING YOU BACK?
Each group runs for six weeks. There are only 12 openings per group.
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From The Desk Of Dan Candell
The Anxiety Relief Guy
For years, I have been helping people stop worry, doubt and fear and anxiety in its tracks. I have narrowed it down to an effective systematic approach that will help YOU overcome obstacles so you can finally achieve more and take the opportunities that you have been avoiding. 
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
How Do I know if I am a good candidate for dan's break free system?
 - Do I want to take more chances, but anxiety holds me back?

- Do I doubt myself and my abilities, and that doubt stops me from doing things I want to do?

- Do I carry personal stress or anxiety into my professional career?

- Do I keep putting things off because I let negative thoughts get the best of me?

- Do worries stop me from being present with my loved ones?

- Do I want to take the next step in life, but something stands in my way?
***Why Should You Join This Group***
In this online group atmosphere, you get to learn from others, you get a built in support system within a functioning community of like-minded individuals, and you get to take inspiration, empowerment and motivation from each other. You also get the flexibility and convenience of being able to do this program from anywhere: your house, your car, your office, your dorm... You get the idea. 
Here's what you get in the program...
This is a 6-week systematic approach that involves:

- Neuro-cognitive restructuring (mind hacks to overcome any negative emotion in 60 seconds or less)
- Subconscious Coaching (Weekly videos that change the way you look at obstacles and help to change your thought patterns)
- Sensory enhanced hypnosis audio sessions (powerful hypnotic sessions to change your subconscious patterns, behaviors and responses)
- Personal Access To Dan (creating a community of successful individuals that are working towards a common goal) - Whenever you have a question or feel that you need guidance, just email Dan, and he sends you a PERSONALIZED coaching video response. 

6 Weekly Systematic Modules 
In each module, you will get access to powerful neuro-cognative restructuring exercises which help re-wire your mind away from negative feelings, emotions, sensations, thoughts and belief patterns.

Personal Access To Dan Candell
Occasionally, you may have a question or something that you need guidance on in your life. As a BONUS, email Dan and he will send you a PERSONALIZED video addressing your situation or needs. You can get up to 2 personal videos per week with Dan for six weeks!
Sensory Enhanced Hypnosis Sessions
Each week, you get access to powerful hypnosis sessions that will help you naturally make the adjustments to your life to improve your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviors and responses. 
Bonus #1 ($497 Value)
Focus Unlimited
This program will give you an extra boost in motivation, focus and concentration to boost your performance to the next level. 
Bonus #2 ( $497 Value)
Confidence on Demand
This is an 8-week add-on program that will help you establish greater states of high performance, confidence and an unstoppable mental attitude. 
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"We've had a team of wonderful physicians, counselors, therapists all trying to find ways or medications to help... After one session with Dan, her world started opening back up again!"
Business Owner and Proud Mom
- Katrina Bishop
"I came to Dan for help with anxiety, self-confidence, and changing bad habits and thinking patterns... Dan's hypnosis was everything I could have wanted and more... I felt very happy and I've found it easier to manage my anxiety and stress and self-doubt."
 - L.F.
"I have a great business and a great family, but there were some things that were stressing me out, and as a consequence, I was obsessing over checking my email and making sure my 'to-do list' was done. After Dan's program, I didn't even realize how calm I COULD be and I started noticing things changing rapidly. I was no longer stressing out over little things, I was more productive, and I was able to be PRESENT with my family instead of worrying about when the next shoe was going to drop."
The Land Geek
 - Mark Podolsky
Meet Dan Candell
Author, Board Certified Award Winning Hypnotist, Anxiety Relief Specialist
  • Creator of "The Anxiety Relief Revolution" and
    "The Break Free System"
  • Keynote Speaker & Persuasion Expert
  • Author or 3 books and 15 training programs
  • TEDx speaker
  • Certified Hypnosis Training
  • Reciprient of the "Shining Light" Hypnosis Award, the "Order of Braid Lifetime Achievement" Hypnosis Award, and Awarded
    "Top Hypnosis Instructor" 
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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