Is your Teen Suffering From Anxiety, Doubt, Worry or Fear?
  • Does your teen get stressed or anxious about school, social situations, relationships, or other day-to-day activities?
  • ​ Does your teen lack confidence or self-esteem?
  • ​Do they have trouble controlling their emotions? 
  • ​Do they have trouble sleeping?
  • ​Do they have trouble focusing or getting work done? 
  • ​Do they get anxious about school work or taking tests?
  • ​Do they have "nervous or anxious habits" that need to be cleared up?
 **Do they want a solution that DOESN’T involve therapy, counseling, or medication?**

If so, watch the brief video below and fill out the form so we can
offer support to your teen/adolescent.

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Dan Candell - CI. - BCH 

Dan Candell is Director of the Candell Hypnosis and Coaching Center and trains hundred of hypnotists per year. Dan is a Multi-Award Winning Board Certified Hypnotist, Hypnosis Trainer, Author, Podcast Host and International Speaker. Known in business for being a behavioral communications specialist, Dan Candell is a world renowned expert on high performance and helping people Break Free from anxiety on all levels. Dan is known as “The Anxiety Relief Guy” and creator of the “Anxiety Relief Revolution Podcast.” Dan travels the world teaching people how to positively re-program their subconscious minds to overcome obstacles, anxiety and doubt and develop a more high-performing life.

Kim Turgeon - M.S.Ed. – CHT.

Kim has an MS in Education and has been teaching in the Public Schools for 23 years. She is currently an Early Childhood Teacher for the Newton Public Schools. Kim is the founder of the Central MA PANDAS/PANS Education and Support Group. She consults with schools on strategies to support students struggling with PANDAS. Her experience in both education and forming alliances with medical practitioners for children and families with PANS/PANDAS, make her a perfect fit to work with children and families. Kim develops rapport with kids and teens in amazing ways. Being a parent herself, Kim knows the value of teaching parents how to integrate hypnotic techniques into the family structure.